Soror Spotlight


Mason is a native of South Boston, Va. She was initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in the spring of 1940 at N.C. College for Negroes, now N.C. Central. Although her roommate was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Mason joined Delta Sigma Theta and was very happy about her decision.

She has been a member of the sorority for over 72 years.

After graduating from college, she joined Durham Graduate Chapter in the fall of 1940. Along with five other young ladies, she helped to start the Alpha Kappa Sigma Chapter, which was chartered on April 25, 1941, now Durham Alumnae Chapter. During her years in the chapter, she served two terms as chapter chaplain, chaired some committees and sang with the sorority’s choir, The Deltones. She is not able to attend sorority meetings as regularly as she desires, but she remains financial and attends as many events as she can.

In 1987, Mason was the recipient of the Merrick Fisher Spaulding Public Service Award, which is partially named after her favorite teacher, Mary Lee Fisher Morris, whom she admired and who taught her at Hillside High School. This was a major highlight in her life and is the most memorable event among her sorority memories.

The Durham Alumnae activities Mason enjoys are the Jabberwock Scholarship Program, Golden Agers activities and events involving the sorority’s Five -Point Programmatic Thrust. In her spare time, she enjoys completing crossword puzzles, watching television and working with her church’s missionary ministry.

When asked about her guiding principle, Mason replied “Acknowledging God’s presence in my life from childhood to the present.” Through the years, her personal mission for Delta Sigma Theta has been to encourage members to continue to work for her beloved Durham Alumnae Chapter, which she said she will do for as long as she has good health.